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Artists Wanted

URBERLIN is now 1 year old and very alive. We are therefore still interested in welcoming new ideas that could help us to bring our company forward.
We look forward to hear from you! more




NEMA ONE (a.k.a. Marcus Reichling), born in 1976, made a name for himself in southern Germany with various commissioned works. Upon completing a training program in interior design in 1994, he decided to turn his passion for art into a profession. 7 years ago, NEMA ONE moved to Berlin and began to make a living designing building facades as an independent artist and illustrator. A theme central to his work is the ongoing reflection of personal impressions. He continually excels by experimenting with different techniques and daring to try new things.



STOHEAD (a.k.a. Christopher Hässler), born in 1973, lives and works in Berlin. His creative inventiveness and unique character designs helped to establish him as an important name in the international graffiti/urban art scene. The street rhythm that has developed over the past 20 years has increasingly become a part of print illustrations and collages on posters and tee-shirts; two motifs exemplifying his unique style are available exclusively at URBERLIN.



PRINZ BUNTSTIFT (a.k.a. Tom Freitag), born in 1980, lives and works as a creative sprayhead in Berlin. He attended art school as a child but found it underwhelming and dropped out. After completed secondary school he began to teach interior decoration and cooking, but never developed a passion for either. PRINZ BUNTSTIFT sprays with energy and creativity, living out his artistry on the streets of Berlin. URBERLIN proudly presents his colorful eccentricity in our collection and to represent his designs.



Die Goldkinder are a young design studio based in Berlin (since 2004) and Vienna (since 2007). Die Goldkinder Berlin are represented by a team of international designers from New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland to Berlin. They developed the first logo collection for URBERLIN.


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STOR DUBINÉ alias Nestor Pérez, geboren 1962 in Caracas (Venezuela) hört von Geburt an mit starken Hörgeräten etwa soviel, wie ein normal hörender Mensch, der einen Gehörschutz trägt, wie er im Straßenbau Anwendung findet. Früh entdeckte sein Vater seine künstlerische Begabung und brachte ihn in einem Kindermalworkshop im Museum für bildende Kunst in Caracas unter. Dort machte er seine ersten Erfahrungen mit Formen, Farbe und dem Schreiben von Kurzgeschichten. Seither weiß STOR bis heute mit diversen Ausstellungen und Projekten Menschen für seine Kunst zu begeistern. Zahlreiche Kunst-Projekte, Comic-Reihen, Video-und Rauminstallationen pflastern seinen kreativen Weg, der ihn letztendlich auch nach Berlin führte. STOR ist willkommener Neuzugang bei URBERLIN und seine Urgesteine uns ein uriges Vergnügen.

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