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URBERLIN is now 1 year old and very alive. We are therefore still interested in welcoming new ideas that could help us to bring our company forward.
We look forward to hear from you! more


Welt Kompakt 22.11.2010


On Urberlin's T-shirts, street art lasts forever

Although a street artist may seek to immortalize himself on building facades, his work will not last, especially not in a big city like Berlin. Building owners often quickly repaint their facades, or else colleagues define their territory over the work of others. It is precisely this transience that Fatih Alasalvaroglu wants to avoid, providing images of the street a place on T-shirts. For the last 3 weeks, he's sold this art online under the name “Urberlin”. Four artists have designed motifs especially for him. “I'm already looking for talent for the next collection”, explains the young business owner. Only 100 T-shirts of each motif are in circulation. The motto: “Wear art”..

Alasalvaroglu would next like that the street artists who support him and his efforts to legalize these works design for hooded sweatshirts “and maybe even eventually for skateboards”. Firstly, however, he needs sponsors. “I'm looking for someone who understands the philosophy of my project”, says Alasalvaroglu. The 34-year old, who was born in Hanau, near Frankfurt am Main, and had actually decided on acting, dreams now of having his own shop in Berlin. “With that I would be a part of the city, which has given me so much.”

The T-Shirts are available from 39,95 euros at